Meet the African from Nigeria Who Built a Jet Car

Location should not be a barrier to greatness in life, many Africans all over the world are making impact in their respective fields of human endeavors.  We will continue to showcase and celebrate these great accomplishments with a view to inspiring young people to emulate these great gestures in their quest towards becoming successful in life.

Forty- six year- old father of four, Kehinde Durojaye Obasanjo resides in Nigeria, he built a car which he called “Amphibious Jet Car” which moves perfectly on land and sea, but he is still working towards completing the flying aspect.

He uses everyday materials like plastic,office chair, computer keyboard,Styrofoam and wood. The car can drive 120 kilometers/hr on the land which is about 75 miles and six knots on the sea. He drove the car to Ibadan city which is about 84 miles from Lagos in Nigeria.

kehinde 3

According to him, he started building when he was young so he did not learn it from anyone, it was in built but he nurtured it over the years through constant practice. People often gather to watch him and take picture of the car whenever he is driving it on the road  while many ask him questions which he is always happy to answer.

He spends more time in his workshop  in Lagos, when asked how long it will take him if he is to design a new car, he said one week because he now understands how to go about it faster.


kehinde 2.jpg

He advised parents to nurture the talents in their children, he also advised the youth to be determined and disciplined, according to him ” Once you are determined and disciplined, you can achieve a lot”

kehinde 4

Though he said he is presently talking to some government officials, we call on well meaning individuals, corporate bodies to  give him all the necessary support that will help him to take his invention to the next level.

Check this video on youtube to see his jet car in motion.

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