An Unexpected Love (Part 1)

By Treona Jones

He wasn’t looking for love, but it found him in the most unlikely place. Love can be a tricky thing, especially if it’s unexpected.

My wife and I had been walking around our favorite grocery store for at least thirty minutes trying to figure out what she wants for dinner. When she does decide, we make our way to the front of the store to pay. All of a sudden she sees a specialty sandwich in the ad that she wants to buy and the cashier goes to get it for her from the deli. The sandwich doesn’t look appealing to me, but she wants to try it anyway. She looks at me, “What do you think?”

“Don’t look at me. If you want it, get it.”

“It’s really good, Mrs. Graham. If you don’t like it, you can get a refund.”

Right then, I looked up in the pot mirror that points down the aisle. Something didn’t seem right about this young man.

“You know what honey, I forgot to check on something in the back of the store. Do you have your debit card?”


“Okay, pay for this, then wait for me in front of the store.”

My wife continued her conversation with the cashier as I walked down the aisle towards the back of the store.

“Ben? Ben where are you?”

I can hear her calling me, but right now I’m standing across the aisle talking to a young man with a gun pointed at me.

“Who is that?”

“That’s my wife, we were here buying groceries. I told you I’m not going to lie to you. Like I said, my name is Ben and that’s my wife looking for me. Now I’m going to stop her from coming back here, by telling her to meet me back at home. Is that okay with you?”


“Honey, it’s okay. Just go ahead of me and I’ll meet you at home.”

“What? Why?”

I know my wife and that last statement will not stop her from wanting to wait for me. I spoke with a little more firmness in my voice. “Honey, it’s okay. I’ll meet you at home.”

I looked up, catching a glimpse of her in the mirror. The look on my face stops her dead in her tracks. In almost an angry yell, “I said, I’ll meet you at home!”

She turned around instantly and quickly headed back to the front of the store.

To Be Continued…


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