8 Businesses You Can Start without Quitting Your Day Job

Being an entrepreneur involves taking risk and determination to “weather the storm”. Many people with good-paying jobs often find it difficult to leave their comfort zone even though they would rather run their own businesses. Many have cited family commitments and time constraints as being the reasons to not go into business for themselves, but being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to leave your present job. You can still combine your career with running your own business. If done well, one will not affect the other.

Here are 8 businesses you can venture into without quitting your current job.

  1. Tax Preparation

The United States of America are in tax season now. If you pay attention to details and are good with numbers this may be a good fit for you. Start with family, friends, and even colleagues by helping them prepare and file their taxes. Tax preparers make thousands of dollars during tax season. You do not need prior experience; you just need to acquire the skills, which you can learn in a few weeks. Computer and Internet access are very necessary for this type of business, but you can schedule clients based on your availability.

  1. Tutoring

Many parents find it difficult to help their children with homework. This is where you come in; you can help fill in the gap. If you are good in your field then you can become a certified tutor and get paid to help others.

  1. Event Planning

If you are the type that is organized and sociable, then event planning will be a good business for you. Many people need help planning their events; this gives you the opportunity to use your gift with a view to making their event a huge success. Event planners can work locally and globally.

  1. Transportation and Logistic Service

With the advent of Uber and Lyft, which provide alternative means of transportation for people without cars, many people now find it easier getting to their destinations. Uber and Lyft drivers are contractors who have time flexibility; all you need is a reliable vehicle with a good driving record. Car services like Uber, for instance, operate all over the world.

  1. Catering

If you know that you are a good cook, catering may be a good fit for you. Many celebrants need the service of caters for their events. To learn more about the catering business or what licenses you need to get started, you can also take classes online or from those who are already in the business. This is also a field that can be combined with event planning.

  1. Photography/ Videography

Many people would rather employ the services of photographers and videographers in capturing those key moments in their lives. We know that many people now use their cell phones to snap and record events, but the demand for these professional photographers and videographers is still high.

  1. Language Translation

The world is now a global village that many people from all over the world are connected one way or the other. People often travel around for businesses and other commitments. Someone from China who speaks only Chinese or another person from Nigeria who speaks only Hausa will need the services of an interpreter or translator when doing businesses outside their domain. Many immigrants whose primary languages is not English may also need the services of interpreters and translators in their quest to adapt in a new country. If you speak more than one language then you can turn it into a business.

  1. Travel/ Tourism Agency

Most people are so busy that it’s hard to plan their vacations or business trips, they will need this type of services to make things easier. Travel professionals make thousands yearly helping to take the pressure off travel planning. Aligning yourself with an established travel agency is a great way to get started in this business.

There is no better time than now to do what you have always loved to do. Why not make some money while you’re at it.

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