Turning Passion into Profit

There is a saying that, “If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life.” That is how the following entrepreneurs/companies have accomplished success. They turned passion, originality, and authenticity into profitable businesses.

Let us introduce you to D’IYANU, NaturAll Club, and MarketPlace Africa – three dynamic companies that may have missed your radar but that you will want to know.



The brainchild of Nigerian-born Addie Olutola, D’IYANU (dee-ya-nu) is a clothing line

Addie Olutola
Addie Olutola, D’IYANU Designer & Founder

offering quality, trendy African-inspired fashion at affordable prices. It was Olutola’s love for fashion and passion for self-expression that prompted her to launch the D’IYANU brand at the beginning of 2014.

We were curious about the meaning behind the brand name “D’IYANU” and we found what we were looking for on the company website. The “D’” means “of” or “from” in French, while “IYANU” means “miracle” or “wonderful” in the Yoruba language. The literal translation is “of or from [something] wonderful,” reminding everyone that they’re uniquely and wonderfully made and to dress like it. The blending of the two languages also signifies the blending of the two cultures, which define the brand: African and western.

D’IYANU is a fun, bold, chic line centered on inspiring individuals to confidently dress bold and beautifully. To see their men’s, women’s, and children’s lines go to www.diyanu.com.


NaturAll Club


Muhga Eltigani NaturAll Club's Founder
Muhga Eltigani, NaturAll Club’s Founder and CEO

Muhga Eltigani became frustrated with commercial hair products that left her hair dry and brittle. So while still in college, she started making hair products in her dorm room using only fresh and natural ingredients. In 2016, she launched NaturAll Club to share her products with the world.

NaturAll Club is a monthly subscription service that delivers fresh, handmade, quality hair products right to your door. Muhga Eltigani (@itsmuhga) founded NaturAll Club to make hair products available to women of color and those with curly, kinky hair types.

NaturAll Club’s mission is to create products with integrity while fostering and uplifting the community. They seek to accomplish this mission by using natural, safe, and nontoxic ingredients to make products that nourish hair and the body rather than causing damage.

Want to join the club? Go to their website at www.NaturAllClub.com.


Market Place Africa

Think Alibaba with an African twist. Market Place Africa was created to take the complexity and uncertainty out of buying direct from craftspeople and small enterprises throughout Africa. They are a global team, passionate bringing their work and creative genius of African businesses to all corners of the world. MarketPlace AFRICA offers a direct connection to buy authentic African wares such as clothing, footwear, accessories, home goods, and body care.

Through their online platform and app MarketPlace Africa allow online consumers to shop directly from African small businesses and have the products shipped to their home with confidence that their payment is secure.

If you are in the market to purchase quality products from Africa, look no further then MarketPlaceAFRICA.com.

“We invite to you to explore the diversity, the complex culture, and the stunning beauty of all that African entrepreneurs have to offer the world.”

MarketPlace AFRICA

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