Celebrate You and The Dream

By Anita Caprice
2019 is the year to impress Yourself with your Beautiful Self Expression…
It’s a beautiful thing to be together
and celebrate with Good cheer.
Mystical & Magical comes within a listening ear.
In 2019, elevate and dream for as long as You can see the creation and vision in your mind.
Do You have intentions to bring on change?
Or are you planning to keep it all and simply arrange?
Hey…what kinda of grades in the school of life
will be on your card?
Are you gonna give it your best shot and
study real hard? – hard as in solid
Solid as a Rock!
Solid with thought, fun and action.
Solid with love, family, friends.
Solid with Faith in God Your main attraction.
Are You believing in yourSelf,
knowing that you CAN and
achieve what you set out to do?
After hearing, listening, then designing your Master Plan?
In 2019, elevate and dream,
for as long as You can see the creation and vision in your mind.
Are You daring to dream,
bringing out the talent inside of you?
Succeeding in all you set out to do?
That’s including learning those lessons needed to be learned,
bringing on that wisdom earned.
BeautifulSpiritBrother & SisterSpiritFriend
Ummm, let me ask you –
Is your vision clear or is it cloudy or grey?
If it’s kinda grey, that’s okay, cuz it’s not too late to start today.
To clear it up so that it wanders not away – AND –
As You do, laugh and take each day with a smile.
Radiate the Elegance of Your Woman-ness,
Release the Magnificence of Your Man-ness
as you stride your mile.
In 2019, elevate and dream
for as long as You can see the creation and vision in your mind.
And remember the simple things, like
taking time to smell the rose and feel the gentleness of the breeze.
Let the sun warm your cheek and be pleased as You
love yourSelf unconditionally, because you sure deserve the best.
And as you prosper toward your destinations, remember take time to rest.
Rest and rejuvenate, hey get together and celebrate
Celebrate the Dream and Beautiful You – BeautifulSpiritYou
You in all you do.
You’re a precious dream come true.
Don’t cha know, You’re a Treasure and your Map is within.
Bring on Your Gift of the Dream,
my BeautifulSpiritSister&BrotherFriend!


AnitaAnita Caprice was born, raised and received her education in Detroit, Michigan.  She is mom of beautiful twin Daughters, two Sons (in-law) and grandmother to Wondrous, Precious five. She is a published author, Poet/Spoken Word Artist, and serves as an independent contractor as a Michigan Unemployment Appeals Advocate for the unemployed worker.   She received her Life Coaching certification in 2015.  Sometime after receiving this certification, Anita Caprice recovered her coaching platform in the stage and her message is via Spoken Word.  She is the founder of Engai Poetry & Music Publishing, the TAPN2U Movement, and Empowerment thru Spoken Word Poetry – TAPN2U, a 501c3.
Anita Caprice all about Love…LIFE…Learning. Her message is TAPN2U, strengthening our Oneness with the Creator, connecting with the little one inside, recovering the Power within, stepping into, as she puts it…our “Intimate Calling”.
As a mature woman, the name “Anita” being an acrostic for “And Now I’ve Taught Another”, is a large component of who she is.  Her delivery is about trusting who we are, so we can trust the Power, Presence & Prosperity of the Creator within.  A delivery of erasing those tapes of illusion, the belief that self validation is more valuable coming from the outside than from within.   The heights and plight of her life has enhanced empathy and compassion, understanding the variables and dynamics of life – her life and others.
Anita Caprice is the author of “Reflections of an Angel” 3x TAPN2U with PoeticPeace Affirmations.
Searching for her truth, raising her girls as a single parent, and leaving 19 years employment with the Michigan Department of Corrections on a wing and a prayer, reignited her passion in learning and sharing the message in recovery & realization of our Unique Spiritual Fruit (our birth gift) given us by the Creator.  Learning and experiencing our LIFE* to bring us closer to God by bringing us closer to ourselves; this is Anita Caprice’ mission, purpose and passion. 
Anita Caprice holds a master’s degree in Metaphysical Philosophy; currently writing her dissertation to receive her Doctorate in Metaphysics.  She recently released the 1st Take of her Spoken Word Single, B4U Dip B Sure.
Anita shares her message via Spoken Word throughout the state of Michigan (with the dream of sharing across the globe).  In addition, her poeticpeace affirmations have been published in various anthologies and articles. Anita Caprice continues to reside, tithe her time, talent and treasure in the Detroit Metropolitan community.
Anita Caprice’ motto:  TAPN2U – Live life from the inside out.

*Love Imagination Faith Expression

If you want more information about Anita Caprice or to inquire her book and/or single CD “B4U Dip B Sure, please visit her on Facebook or her website. Click here to buy a copy of her CD.


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