Obi takes PDP Presidential campaign to United States

 Press Release to Media Outlets and Organizations 

Re– Peter Obi will be the Keynote Speaker at the Town-Hall meet and greet event.

A town-hall meet and greet event will take place at Robert Treat Best Western Hotel, 50 park place, in Newark, NJ07102 on the 21st of January, 2019 at 5pm. The Special Guest of Honor will be Mr. Peter Obi, the Vice Presidential Candidate of the Atiku Abubakar/Peter Obi Presidential ticket of the People’s Democratic Party of Nigeria(PDP).

Mr. Obi is widely acclaimed for the effectiveness of his eight year tenure as Governor of Anambra state of Nigeria, his commitment to modest and minimal cost of governance, his efficiency in economic management, and his administration’s priotization of education, infrastructure, security and healthcare.

Governor Peter Obi emphasized mordern accounting controls that reduced, even eliminated leakages of funds from corruption, mismanagement and inefficiency. Governor Peter Obi was open to, and implemented new ideas, resulting in novel reorganizations and methods, such as the return of secondary schools to the missionary owners, which catapulted Anambra state’s school leaving examination performance from the 26th position to the first among Nigeria’s 36 states. There is every expectation that if elected as Vice President, Mr. Peter Obi’s skill, experience and expertise will have beneficial, immediate and salutary effects on the myraid problems that confronts Nigeria. All Nigerians and all friends of Nigeria that are resident in the United States are invited to the Town Hall, and hereby urged to embrace this oppotunity to help with the campaign and election of Mr. Peter Obi.

  The meet and greet will be composed of two sessions, a Town Hall/Fundraiser to which the general public is invited, and immediately following, a smaller meeting of selected participants and media representatives in an interactive session with Mr. Peter Obi. At both sessions, Mr. Obi will respond to questions from the attendees and from a list of issues that the event organizers have put together. the list is still accepting suggested topics, and currently includes the issues of restructuring; cost of govenance at the Federal and State levels; National priorities in Education, the Economy and Security. The Federal character principle in the filling of positions in the Federal civil service, parastatals and security organizations and whether implementation and end-result of Federal Budget funds is fairly allocated among the states.

Mr. Obi’s future negotiating leverage as Vice President will be enhanced if everyone can see deep broad-based support for his candidature, such as an outstanding success in that fundraising the fundraising that accompanies the Town Hall. We strongly invite you to join in, and do your best by attending and donating generously.

Summary Agenda is as follows:

Venue: The New Jersey Room of the Robert Treat Hotel

4:00pm: Arrival and Seating of Guests

5:00pm: Arrival of Governor Peter Obi at the New Jersey Room of the Robert Treat Hotel

5:10pm: Welcome Address by Representative of the Organizers

5:20pm: Welcome Remarks by Representative of the Mayor of the City of Newark, USA

5:30pm: Remarks and response by Mr. Peter Obi

6:00pm: Questions from the Audience and responses from Mr. Peter Obi

6:30pm: Fundraising until 8:00pm

Venue: The Bergen and Morris Room of the Robert Treat Hotel

(This will be a smaller audience, 50 persons or fewer, to allow a more detailed interaction with Mr. Peter Obi)

8:15pm: Mr. Peter Obi and selected invited participants are seated

8:20pm: Mr. Peter Obi responds to ideas, issues and suggestions from the audience.

10:30pm: Conclusion and closing remarks.

Thank You

Signed: Dr. Balogun Chike-Obi

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