Meet the cleaner who hands in 300,000 pounds

THEY say honesty is the best policy and it’s a motto one kind cleaner decided to stick by.

The worker from Cordant Cleaning, who hasn’t been named, found a whopping £300,000 in cash on a London bus.

Incredibly, rather than keeping the stash of dosh she chose to hand it in to police.

It had apparently been left in a brown envelope by an absent-minded passenger and it was only spotted when the vehicle was being cleaned.

The stack of cash was found in a brown paper envelope

But other cleaners from the same firm haven’t been so fortunate on their shifts.

They’ve been sharing some of the bizarre items they’ve had to dispose of including sex toys and soiled nappies on a bus in Leeds.

A pair of dirty knickers were discovered on another Routemaster in London while a deep fryer was left on a vehicle.

In Southampton, workers found a positive pregnancy test, false teeth covered in vomit and a poo with a flag stuck in it.

But one of the most disgusting discoveries included a used tampon tied to a handrail and a large fresh animal heart under a seat on buses in Glasgow.

Cordant boss Guy Pakenham said: “More often than not I’m left shocked when my team tell me about the disgusting things they have to get rid of when cleaning buses up and down the UK.

“But I can only praise their dedication and good humour. They don’t seem to be fazed by anything.

“Thankfully our staff are fully trained and equipped to deal with cleaning hazards like these.

“But we can only urge passengers that next time they defecate on the floor of a bus, or throw up their own false teeth, please remember to take all of your items with you.”


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