5-year-old girl named most beautiful in the world becomes international model

5-year-old Jare found her way into the spotlight in 2018, when photos of herself and her siblings hit the internet. The dark beauty was immediately tagged by many as the most beautiful girl in the world and un-arguably, she looks just like the perfect black barbie doll.

Since, she was first captured, Jare, has not only become an internet sensation but has moved on to become an international model. It was gathered that some international photographers have struggled for a chance to capture the beauty and it can easily be said that her future in the fashion and beauty world is bright.


The latest photos which hit the internet show how just perfectly gorgeous the 5-year-old is. Jare was pictured with international luxury brand, Princess Ford; a haute couture for kids.

Looking as innocent and as pure as ever, she posed, bright-eyed in simple outfits and looked super adorable.

The young girl identified as Janet Jumbo hails from Rivers state Nigeria and was born and brought up in Lagos state. She took to social media to share exclusive photos from the shoot and thanked everyone that made it possible for her to achieve such feat.

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