Inspiration for Mokalic Came in a Mechanic’s Workshop –Kunle Afolayan

Actor and filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, is regarded as a pacesetter in the movie industry with some of the productions he has been involved with in the past.

The actor is back with a new movie titled,Mokalik (Mechanic), and he said that he decided to make the movie after visiting a mechanic’s workshop. He said, “I experienced something new and different at the mechanic’s workshop, and I thought that the world had to feel it too. I hadn’t been to a mechanic’s workshop in a long time, and when I got there, I discovered that it’s a new world. I saw things that inspired me and things that the world should see. An idea came up to make it into a film and I followed it.”

Afolayan stated that after his first time at the mechanic’s workshop, he continued going back and noticed a lot of kids there learning the trade. According to him, this was what prompted him to take his eight-year-old son to learn at the workshop. “My son is back in school now, but he’ll return to the workshop during his holidays. My daughter also learnt tailoring, and I think all parents should endeavour that their children learn at least one vocation. It doesn’t stop their education and they will continue to be grateful to you for the rest of their lives,” he added.

Describing his experience while making the film, Afolayan said, “The range of the cast is from the very old to the young and up and coming ones. They all did amazingly well. This was the first time for Simi and Tobi Bakre; yet, they were very natural in their delivery. Even the little boy, Tooni Afolayan (my nephew), who played the lead role of Ponmile, was very brilliant in his acting.”

Speaking about his partnership with Canon, the Saworoide actor said, “Creating this movie has been an amazing experience and Canon made the experience even better with their support. The Canon EOS C300 Mark II’s stunning 4K quality and versatility allowed me as a producer to experience creative vision in stunning cinematic details and provide footage suitable for extensive post-production work. The camera with canon cine lenses range also helped the team to technically get one step ahead and create a world-class movie which promises to break boundaries.”

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