Mother’s Day: Cleric Urges Mother’s to be Good Example to Children

Pastor Festus Olushola of the Christ Disciples Church, Ilorin, has urged mothers to be discipline and be a good example to their children.

Olushola, who made the call on Sunday in Ilorin while speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN ), on the occasion of Mothers Day, said mothers are the pillar of the Nation that must not be corrupted.

The Cleric said most mothers have through their bad conduct misled their children into bad habits and wrong choices.

Children grow up to emulate their mother mostly. They try to do what their mother is doing, because they are more familiar with mother first. Mothers must be mindful of what they do in their presence.

Be an exemplary role model to your children and wards. Don’t be a troublesome mother that fight with neighbours.

Don’t be a mother that say dirty or foul languages in the presence of your children.

Teach your children honesty by being honest yourself. Always caution them when they are wrong. Punish them when they do the wrong thing and advise them often, he said.

The pastor said mothers are the Nation builder and therefore must accept responsibility to lead their children to the good path.

Olushola also called on Fathers to support mothers in guiding the children as the mother cannot do it alone.

It is not only financial support fathers should give, rather they should joinl hands to check wrong doings of their children and not leave it alone for Mothers, he said.

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