Dad Raises Quadruplets After Wife’s Death During Childbirth

Social media users were inspired by the story of a man who is the single father of not only one but four kids after their mom passed away.

The story of Carlos Morales resurfaced on social media recently and it inspired Twitter users. In 2015, Morales and his wife, Erica, were excited to start a family. The couple were expecting quadruplets and Erica’s pregnancy was going well – she even documented the babies’ health statuses after each doctor’s appointment on her Facebook page.

However, The Hearty Soul reported Erica tragically passed away during childbirth, leaving Morales the single father of four premature babies.

We learned Morales could only take his quads home after two months in the hospital and he had to raise them by himself. Luckily, his story touched the hearts of many, even celebs such as Steve Harvey, and he has thus far done a great job raising his four kids.

His story resurfaced on Twitter earlier this month and it gave social media users the feels. South Africans applauded the father for having the courage to raise his four kids without the help of their mother.

There were social media users who asked, “Who else would raise his kids?”, but others pointed out it’s not easy raising even one child when both parents are present. Morales is alone and four kids are much more work and money.


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