Man Discovers Water in His Car Tank After Buying Petrol in Lagos

Cases of people being deceived into buying fake products without them finding out until much later is not strange in Nigeria. But it somewhat mind-blowing when the product in question is petrol from a fuel station.

A Twitter user who goes by the identity El Padrino on Sunday, April 14, cried out for discovering water in his car tank after he bought petrol from a fuel station in Lagos state.

In his tweet, El Padrino revealed that the incident took place in a well-known fuel station in the state around 11:34 am.

He said that without his knowledge, the fuel station’s staff sold water that looked like petrol into his tank.

The queues at the fuel stations in the Federal Capital Territory resurfaced on Friday, April 12. However, in its reaction, the federal government through the Nigerian National Petroleum Cooperation (NNPC) has said that there is enough fuel to last motorists for a long period of time.

It was also gathered that the long queues at the fuel stations could have been triggered by alleged inability of fuel marketers to lift products from the Suleja fuel depot, which services Abuja and its environs.

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