US Embassy States that it Does not Enjoy Denying Nigerians Visa

The United States Embassy says it does not enjoy denying Nigerians visas to the US.

The embassy asked Nigerians to follow a liveFacebook talk on the issue at 2pm on Wednesday.

The embassy’s Facebook post read in part, “Contrary to popular opinion, visa officers do not enjoy handing anyone the 214b refusal letter.

“Proof: Visa Officers will be live on Facebook to talk about some of the commonly misunderstood questions on the DS 160 and help you improve your next application.”

However, over 200 Nigerians disagreed in the comment section of the embassy’s Facebook page.

Adaobi Emmanuella Njoku wrote, “Contrary to what you just posted, I think and believe they actually do enjoy it because they act like they know it all and still end up giving visas to people without genuine intentions.

“I can’t wait for Wednesday to come because I have already prepared my questions. They will explain to me how it is possible to deny a person a visa three times with three different reasons at different times when the form was filled exactly the same and for the same purpose: for a medical trip to help save one’s child. I can’t wait for Wednesday.”

Menuba Esther Amaka also wrote, “Why is the application fee non-refundable? That’s what is bordering me.”

Akufai Valentine Jonah recalled how he was denied a visa despite obtaining a scholarship in 2013.

He also frown on the way the consular officer spoke to him.

Jonah wrote, “I had a terrible experience in 2013. I got a scholarship to attend a conference in Denver but I was denied a visa . I was not angry because I was denied visa. I was angry with the disrespectful manner the consular officer spoke to me.

“Imagine giving one that refusal letter and you are told ‘off you go’ without any tangible explanation. After reading the letter, it states that I don’t have strong ties to my country either through being married, neither do I have a job. Back then I worked with an NGO and it was clearly stated in my application form. I have forgotten the third excuse.
I just laughed and left, I know people who were single then and are still single today that have got US visas. I know people who have no jobs but have got US visas. I know people who had zero travel records but were granted US visas. Since that episode I have never ever applied for a US visa because I don’t have any business there for now.”

One thought on “US Embassy States that it Does not Enjoy Denying Nigerians Visa

  1. Last year December I applied for a visa , on my documents it was stated clearly that I was to cover an event as a media representative from nigeria, dp u know my company that is well known in Nigeria even gave a recommendation as press, and explained in detailsuch that my going over to the US was to get content and to build a better relationship with a online folowers in diaspora? Yet they refuse checking my papers .. it wasn’t even up to two minutes I was given a rejected note.
    Pls if you can have a refund policy of visa feel it will go a longood way. Stop enriching your country with people’s money.
    You guys should be nice , not everyone travelling is doing bad here some of us will have nothing to do with your country …


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