Google Artificial Intelligence Lab Berths in Accra

The Google Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, AI Lab, which the search engine platform announced last year, it will build in Ghana, has finally berthed.
Having opened for business, officially, Google charged the Ghana AI team to build AI-powered solutions to real-world problems, including helping communities in Africa and beyond to improve their lives.

Head, Google AI centre, Accra, Ghana, Moustapha Cisse said Google uses Machine Learning, ML and AI in all of its products having discovered that they are involved in people’s everyday lives, even without realising it. “Machine learning is used for everything from filtering out spam mails to powering the Google Assistant on smart speakers. It also features in taking low-light photos on the Pixel 3 and helping the world speak the same language through Google Translate, among others” said Cisse.

Google said machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are emerging technologies that are socially beneficial and uphold the highest standards of scientific excellence. Cisse said: “Based on its seven guiding principles for ethical use of AI and ML, Google is taking a thoughtful approach to help nurture an emerging technology. Google’s AI Centre was opened in Ghana because building a technology that benefits people everywhere, needs to begin where there are people with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints.

The researchers of Google AI centre in Accra bring a fresh perspective and expertise to build new technologies in Africa that can contribute positively to life here, as well as around the globe.
“Google AI Accra forms part of the company’s structured efforts to explore and integrate more diverse experiences / learnings beyond present-day centres of innovation.

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