Comedian Wins Ukraine Presidential Election with Wide Margin

The exit polls got him more than 70% support even as he also dominated the first round of voting three weeks ago when more candidates were in the contest, BBC News reports.

Mr Zelensky challenged incumbent President Petro Poroshenko.

Mr Poroshenko has admitted that he has lost but has said he will not bidding politics farewell anytime soon.

It should be noted that Ukraine’s president commands great control over the security, defence and foreign policy of the country.

“I will never let you down,” Mr Zelensky told his supporters on Sunday, April 21.

He said that while he is not officially the country’s president yet, he is glad to tell them what happened shows that everything is possible.

He said:

“While I am not formally president yet, as a citizen of Ukraine I can tell all post-Soviet countries: ‘Look at us! Everything is possible!'”

If the polls are correct, Zelensky will be the country’s president for the next five years.

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