Meet Nigerian Girl who Dances Latest Steps Despite Being Deaf and Dumb

It is a common saying that when life throws you lemons, make lemonade out of it. Simply put, this means making the best out of a bad situation. Some Nigerian roads have become the home for people living with disabilities as they resort to begging to make ends meet.

However, we have gathered the report of a young girl who happens to be living life on her own terms despite being deaf and dumb.

Eight-year-old Divine is a talented dancer despite her disability. According to her cousin, Nancy Nguevese Atsugh, the little girl’s mother passed on when she was just a year old and she is now responsible for her care. Divine attends a special school in Benue state, St. Francis School of deaf and blind. Despite living without the ability to hear or speak, the little girl is able to dance without music.

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