Simi Speaks on Naira Marley’s Snub Allegation, Says they are Neither Friends Nor Enemies

Nigerian singer, Simi, recently fell in the bad books of some musicians and others who support cybercrime. It all started when she referred to Yahoo boys in her version of Kizz Daniel’s Fvck you challenge.

A fan then warned her to leave them alone because they are the ones who buy her music. The singer then told them to stop buying her music. The whole situation spiralled into a debate on social media with different celebs and other Nigerians taking sides on whether Yahoo is a crime or not.
Apparently, Issa goal singer, Naira Marley felt his obvious support for Yahoo made Simi ignore him at a recent event. He took to social media to call her out and the singer has now reacted to the perceived bad blood between them in a recent interview with Beat 99.9 FM. Simi explained that she has nothing against Naira Marley and they are neither friends nor enemies.

She said:
“To be honest, I have zero against Naira Marley. I don’t have anything against him. He’s not my enemy. We’re not friends, we are not enemies. I saw him coming; we did not make eye contact. He did not talk to me; I did not talk to him.” Speaking further on how the internet has been abuzz about her and Naira Marley, she explained that he did not directly disrespect her. “He didn’t directly disrespect me, he didn’t say anything to me. He’s not the first person that will say what he’s saying,” she said.

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