Man Celebrates Dad Who Took a Job as a Janitor to Get Him Educated

A young man identified as Anthony Brown has celebrated his father after he graduated from the university. The young graduate revealed that he was able to get an education due to his father’s hard work.

Cost of tuition is the higher barrier intending students have to face whenever they apply for admission into any institution. Due to the high tuition, many people loose the opportunity to get the best education.

However, Brown’s father did not let any barrier hold his son back, he decided to become a janitor at Rutgers University to get his son admitted into the school. Working for the institution bypassed the burden of paying tuition for his son.

On his graduation day, Brown took to Twitter to share his emotional story. He shared a photo of himself rocking his academic gown while holding a framed artwork of himself and his father.

In his tweet, after sharing his story, the young graduate advised people to give the same respect given to a company boss to the janitor.

His tweet read:

“Pops took a job as a janitor that allowed me to receive free tuition at Rutgers University. He passed and I told myself his sacrifice would not be in vain. Here It is! Give the janitor the same respect you give the CEO.”

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