German Tech Startup to Launch First Ever Electric Flying Taxi Service by 2025

Lilium launched the test version of the electric air taxi on Thursday, May 16, as the company said the flying taxi will begin full service around the world in 2025, CNN reports.

The battery-powered jet has the capacity of covering 186 miles in an hour with a single full charge.

Another exciting thing about the taxi is that can it will run through a network of landing pads, allowing commuters to book riders from a pad nearest to them through an app.

The company did not disclose the price for the service but said that the price will be comparable with regular taxi service.

Remo Gerber, the company’s chief commercial officer said that the service will not, however, be expensive as it is targeted at ordinary people and not sophisticated rich travellers.

Lilium co-founder, Daniel Wiegand, said the service is a show that the company is taking a big step towards making a smooth mobility in transport.

“Today we are taking another huge step towards making urban air mobility a reality. We dream of a world where anyone can fly wherever they want, whenever they want,” he said.

With the service, the German company is up for tough competition with biggest player in the business like UBER, Boeing, and Rolls Royce.

Lilium has gathered over $100 million in investment, and one of its backers is a Chinese tech giant called Tencent.

The German government created its first ever power big rigs which allow trucks to get electric power through overhead cables.

The project went live on Tuesday, May 8, and is the first ever that would be tested on a public road in Germany.

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