23-Year-Old Victim of Boko Haram Kidnap Bags Degree as She Graduates from US College

A 23-year-old lady, who had been a victim of the Boko Haram kidnap in 2014, has proved that what she went through would not be an obstacle that prevents her from becoming something great in life.

The young lady identified as Palmatah Mutah had been one of the 57 Chibok girls who escaped out of 276 schoolgirls who were abducted.

She has now graduated and obtained an associate degree from a community college in the United States of America. She achieved the degree five years, one month and three days after the unforgettable incident.

At the time of the kidnap, brave Mutah had escaped from the Boko Haram by jumping out of a truck.

Out of the 57 Chibol students who escaped, it was only Mutah that showed any sign of speaking English well enough, despite the fact that many of the schoolgirls were all in their final year of secondary school.

Due to this, Mutah became one of the ten Chibok escaped girls who gained sponsorship to study in the United States. After a year in a two-year program meant to enable them to complete high school, Mutah took a community college entrance exam and passed.

The international human rights lawyer, Emmanuel Ogebe, who sponsored the students, expressed that the graduation is a highpoint of the five years of toil and travail.

He said:

“Her graduation is a highpoint of five years of toil and travail. Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. She is an illustration of millions of brilliant kids in Nigeria undiscovered for opportunity but for tragedy. She has been a worthy ambassador of Nigeria and of Chibok and especially, of the still missing classmate.”

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