I Smile a Lot and look Better Since the Birth of my Daughter – Patoranking

Singer, Patoranking’s second studio album,Wilmer which is named after his daughter, was released during the week and it has been generating some buzz. In a recent chat, the artiste spoke about the process of making the album. He said, “It was an awesome and beautiful process making this album. The creative process wasn’t strenuous. The vibe and energy was just wonderful, and I cannot even explain it.

It took me two years to put this beautiful piece together. My daughter is a blessing to me. Even though she came one and a half years into the album’s production process, everything has been beautiful and I’m so happy about everything. This album is different fromGod Over Everything because there is a transition from a boy to a man. My sound, and writing skills have changed. The most important thing is that I am happy.”
On what his daughter’s presence in his life has changed, he said, “It has changed a lot. From the moment she came, it has been one blessing or the other. I smile a lot and look better since she came into my life. It’s a beautiful feeling, and I cannot even begin to explain it. I am sure you can relate.”
The singer also noted that his travels around the world had impacted on his career in a positive way. He stated, “I have always been learning. I still have the mindset of a learner, and that makes everything beautiful. I am thankful that everywhere I go, especially Jamaica and the Caribbean, they love the music and appreciate the vibe. The music is big over there – almost the way it is here. I recently did two major festivals – some of the biggest in the world – and the turnout was amazing.”
Asked if he would be putting a ring on his baby mama’s finger any time soon, Patoranking simply said, “God knows best.”

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