US Judge Spares Boy Who Raped, Filmed Intoxicated Girl Because He’s From Good Home

A New Jersey, United States judge has spared a 16-year-old boy a harsh sentence on the grounds that he is from a good home and attends an “excellent school.”

The boy was accused of raping an intoxicated girl, also 16, filming the assault and sending the video to his friends.

Consequently, prosecutors sought to try him as an adult, NBC News has reported.

The medium says the state Monmouth County Superior Court judge, James Troiano, rejected the prosecutors’ request in part because, he said, the boy “comes from a good family” and is destined “for a good college.”

“Now, a state appeals court has overturned the decision and warned the judge against showing leniency to juveniles of privilege, raising the question of what such judicial reasoning would mean for ‘juveniles who do not come from good families and do not have good test scores,’” the medium says.

Prosecutors in New Jersey can seek to send a juvenile case to adult court for serious crimes, including sexual assault, if the accused is 15 or older, it adds.

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