US Raises Alarm Over Shiite Protests, Asks Citizens to Avoid Lagos, Abuja Crowds

The United States Government has said that it has received reports that members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are set to hold protests across the country and has therefore advised US citizens to avoid large crowds in the federal capital, Abuja, and the commercial nerve centre, Lagos.

The US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria issued the travel advisory on Friday evening.

The US noted that the last protest carried out by the Shiites during the week turned violent and its citizens must thus be careful.

It asked its citizens to always hold their passports with a valid Nigerian visa.

The advisory read, “The US Mission in Nigeria advises US citizens that large demonstrations by protesters affiliated with the Islamic Movement of Nigeria are expected in the coming days throughout the country, including Abuja and Lagos.

“Protests by this group in the Nigerian capital on July 9 became violent, including exchanges of gunfire between protestors and Nigerian Police, resulting in a couple of deaths. The US Mission advises its citizens to avoid these demonstrations and remain in safe areas during these periods.

“Avoid demonstrations and large crowds; be aware of your surroundings; monitor local media for updates; carry proper identification, including a US passport with a current Nigerian visa and review your personal security plans.”

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