New Defender for Launch, Completes L’Rover Dynasty

Land Rover has given a first glimpse of the new Defender ahead of its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10.

The premium brand automaker says the road to reveal the Land Rover’s most capable and durable 4×4 started in one of the most land-locked locations on earth, among the towering 300m canyons of the Valley of the Castles in the remote Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan.

It says in a statement, “Across seven decades of pioneering innovation, Land Rovers have earned a unique place in the hearts of explorers, humanitarian agencies and adventurous families across the world. Proven in the harshest environments on earth, the new Defender maintains this bloodline.

“Beside the peerless luxury and refinement of the Range Rover family and the highly capable and versatile Discovery SUVs, new Defender completes the Land Rover dynasty.”

The new Defender, driven by a passion and respect for the original, is said to deliver transformational breadth of capability and advanced all-terrain technologies to redefine adventure for the 21st century, while remaining true to the pioneering spirit that has been a Land Rover hallmark for 71 years.

A report by an online auto journal, Car and Driver, on the new vehicle says the anticipated Defender marks the return of one of Land Rover’s most storied nameplates.

According to the auto reviewer, while the new model will ride on a unibody platform rather than the body-on-frame underpinnings of past Defenders, adding, “It will continue to put an emphasis on off-road ability. Land Rover has showed numerous prototypes of the boxy Defender covering all sorts of terrain since the company announced the new model.

“At this point, we know that it will offer both two- and four-door models that it will have an independent front and rear suspension setup, and that Jaguar Land Rover’s new inline-six Ingenium engine will be offered.”

In a preview of the vehicle by, the all new Defenders will come with all-wheel drive and an automatic transmission, but six engines will eventually be offered alongside – at least in the UK – five equipment grades: Standard, S, SE, HSE and X.

The new Defender will be launched with conventional and 48-volt mild-hybrid versions of Jaguar Land Rover’s Ingenium range of petrol and diesel engines, followed by plug-in hybrid and, potentially, all-electric powertrains.

On the diesel side, according to reports, there will be two versions powered by the firm’s 2.0-litre diesel – a D200 with 147kW and a D240 that produces 177kW — plus a powerful D300 that musters 221kW from its 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder.

The D200 is expected to hit 100km/h in around 10 seconds, while the punchier D240 should take 8.3sec and the flagship D300 around 7.4sec.

Three petrol Defender engines will also be offered – a P300 (221kW), P400 (294kW) and the plug-in hybrid P400e that will produce up to 645Nm of torque and be capable of reaching the 100km/h in a very un-Defender-like 5.9 seconds.

The report hints about generous standard features for all models, including 18-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a 10.0-inch touch-screen infotainment system, 7.0-inch driver’s display and powered driver’s seat.

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