Muslim Cleric Left in Shock After Discovering Newlywed Wife is a Man

Picture this, you meet a beautiful lady, court her with all the intentions of marrying her and go as far as avoiding sexual encounter because the culture has taught you to abstain until marriage. You eventually walk the love of your life down the aisle one day looking forward to that honeymoon night for just the two of you, only to discover, your wife is actually a man.
That was what happened to a Ugandan Imam Mohammed Mutumba who had exchanged marriage vows in Islamic culture with his ‘wife’ Swabullah Nabukeera, Daily Monitor reported. The couple which had not had intercourse before marriage had also spent two weeks of their marriage, without it as the “bride” claimed she was having her menses. However, Nabukeera’s luck ran out after Mutumba’s neighbour claimed that his newly wedded wife had jumped over a wall and stole their television set and clothes.

High Court orders AG Paul Kihara to appear in court over deported lawyer’s woes The neighbour reported the case at Kayunga Police Station before detectives were dispatched to arrest Nabukeera who was wearing a hijab when she arrived at the station “As the police’s standard practice, a female officer, searched the suspect thoroughly before taking ‘her’ to the cells,” said the police “However, to the shock of the officer, the suspect had stacked clothes in the bra to hoodwink that they were breasts,” added the police, they discovered that the suspect had male genitals and quickly informed ‘her’ husband who had escorted her to the police station.

The news shocked Mutumba, an Imam of Kyampisi mosque, who asked the police to let him prove for himself by allowing him to see the private parts of his ‘wife’. On discovering that he was a fellow man, Mutumba made an alarm accusing Nabukeera of being a thief who later revealed his real name as Richard Tumushabe.

He further told police that he had duped Mutumba that he is a woman in a bid to get his money. “We have already charged him with impersonation, theft and obtaining goods by false pretense,” the CID boss said. Mutumba said he found Tumushabe at Kyampisi mosque where he had gone for prayers. “I was looking for a woman to marry and when I landed on a beautiful girl wearing a hijab, I asked her for love and she accepted,” a shocked Mutumba narrated.

“We fell in love, however, she told me we could not have sex until I take dowry to her parents and also exchange marriage vows,” he added. He explained that within, a week he finalised everything and visited Nabukeera’s aunt, Nuuru Nabukeera who has also been arrested by police. Mutumba paid dowry which included two goats, two bags of sugar, three busuutis, a carton of salt and a Koran. Nuuru told police that she did not know that her ‘niece’ was male as she got to know him when he was already an adult.

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