Tribute to Deacon Sunday Omoyele A Bridge-Builder @ 60

Some people come into your life for a season while some come into your life for a reason.

A few years ago, I moved to Michigan at the instance of my brother and friend Aare Seyi Ogunlusi of blessed memory, the founder of Yoruba Youth Corporation (YYC) who went all out for me. Like many other people, settling down took a longer time than I expected so I got frustrated; I was ready to give up.

Seyi and I went to meet egbon Sunday. He welcomed me and immediately went ahead to encourage me. He reminded me that life may not always give us what we desire when we want them, but if we keep pushing, we will eventually get those things. He proceeded to share with us his story of what happened to him when he was trying to settle down in the country. After listening to him, I got my confidence back and made up my mind not to give up.

He has been a part of my life since that fateful day. Anything that happened whether positive or negative, egbon Sunday has been there. So, when he asked me to serve as his Secretary during his second term as President of Yoruba American Community (Michigan – USA), it was an honor.

Deacon Sunday Omoyele is not just a dear egbon to me, his life style has influenced me in a way that he did not know before today. He is a devoted husband and father, he is a compassionate leader, a bridge builder, and a community organizer who can get anything done because of the way he relates to people.

Like the Yorubas will say “oro po ninu iwe kobo.” There is much to say but I will wait for a more conducive time to say it.

I join with family, friends, and well-wishers in wishing my egbon of life happy 60th birthday and many prosperous years ahead. Igba odun, odun kan ni o. If Jesus tarries, I pray that you will live to see many more years in good health. I call you blessed.

Amb. Temitope Omotayo JP. DLit.

egbon – brother
“oro po ninu iwe kobo” – “There’s a lot in a ten kobo book”
“Igba odun odun kan ni o” – “Two hundred years is like one year”

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