Twitter Introduces Voice Recordings

The social media platform said it has started testing a new feature that will add a more human touch to the way we use Twitter.

According to a post by product designer Maya Patterson and senior software engineer Remy Bourgoin.

“Sometimes 280 characters aren’t enough and some conversational nuances are lost in translation,” Patterson and Bourgoin said.

Each voice tweet will be no longer than 140 seconds of audio. If people speak longer, what they record will be parsed into a series of tweets posted as a threaded message, according to Patterson and Bourgoin.

“People will see your voice tweet appear on their timeline alongside other tweets,” the pair said.

“There’s a lot that can be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope voice tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.”

According to, Twitter did not indicate when voice tweets might be available in the version of its application tailored for Android-powered mobile devices.

The new feature is, however, available on iOS and launching today for “a limited group of people,” according to the company.

Twitter also said that tweeting with your voice will not be too different from tweeting with text. Should the feature be live for your iPhone now, you’ll see a new icon with wavelengths flash inside the tweet composer.

Your voice tweet will appear on other people’s timeline just like any other regular tweet.

It will be easily distinguishable from regular tweets since it will have your profile photo at its centre, literally calling out to them to press, play.

If someone decides to hear it, they need to tap on the image and playback will start in a new window docked at the bottom of their timeline so they can listen as they scroll through other Tweets. Moreover, it will also be possible to keep listening to these voice Tweets while doing other things on your phone or on the go.


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