NBA Cautions Comedian Lasisi Elenu Over Misrepresentation of Lawyers

The Nigerian Bar Association has called on popular social media comedian, Lasisi Elenu to exercise caution in the way he represents the profession in his line of work.

The multi-talented comedian who depicts different characters in his skits recently added that of being a lawyer to his catalogue.

Lasisi adds humour to his imaginary court proceedings with high-sounding words while quoting non-existent parts of the constitution.

Reacting to his latest video, Habeeb Lawal, Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association wrote “We beg to use you as a point of reference to all other comedians. Lawyers have awesome sense of humour, as such we enjoy your jokes & appreciate the creativity.

“However, if you must represent our profession in your works kindly ensure you properly adorn the wig, bip & gown.

“We acknowledge your right of expression, but NOTE that we also reserve the rights to take all necessary steps to guide against the ridicule of our noble profession and @NigBarAssoc shall not hesitate to exercise those rights.

“In the likely event that you need a guide on how to make a joke about lawyers without ridiculing our appearance, here is a good guide.”

Irrelevant position

Social media users who joined the conversation believe there are issues affecting the legal profession that are more serious than how a wig and bip is worn.

Ifade Olusegun @OlusegunIfade reacting to Habeeb’s position wrote “Irrelevant position! There are major issues affecting your profession that your NBA can face, like lawyer being paid 30-50k monthly….instead of majoring in minor.”

Lending support to Olusegun’s comment, SoccerYard @Kayojek wrote, “And possibly try do away with that wig on their addled heads. This is 2020!”

Another user xeenarh @xeenarh wrote, “I hope you are not speaking on behalf of the NBA. Because as an NBA member, I recognise comedy and this unnecessary positioning of yours and trying to police criticism is unbecoming.”


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