COMEBACK: Let’s Save Mike Tyson from Himself, Ex-Boxer Hatton Pleads

Ricky Hatton has pleaded with the boxing authorities to save Mike Tyson ‘from himself’ as the recently-turned 54-year-old plots a comeback to the ring.

Iron Mike has been talking up a return to the sport for the first time since 2005 and has been hard at work in training sessions throughout the lockdown period.

But the Hitman believes that, despite Tyson’s impressive efforts at getting back into shape, he should not be anywhere near a return to boxing having just turned 54 last week.

Speaking on this week’s Gary Newbon’s Sports Show, he said: ‘I’ve met Tyson on many occasions and we all know the history with Tyson but it’s inspiring, like Tyson Fury, to see where he has come from to where he is today. He has come on tenfold.’

But he then preached caution over an incredible comeback after 15 years in retirement.

‘I hope he’s taking the micky with his talks about making a comeback’, he continued. ‘For his age he looks fantastic in that gym, but he’s still 50-plus and I don’t want to see any of my heroes get hurt.


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