Esosa Ogbebor : 20 Year-Old Nigerian-American Soldier Who Loves Dancing

It is not often one runs into a soldier who is also a dancer. Esosa Omolola Ogbebor is a 20-year-old Nigerian-American soldier whose passion is dancing. When she is not involved in her martial duty she is a lot of other others but dancing seems to top them all.

“Dancing has always been part of my life. My mom once told me that when I was in her womb, my legs always popped out when music came on. Dance has impacted me in a way where I can express my emotions. It makes me feel free and joyful. It has allowed me to show my creative side and connect with people more,” she said in a chat with newsmen.

Continuing, she said, “I consider myself a dance fashionista because I love to display my fashion side through dance. I consider my dance as growth in progress. I am currently collaborating with other talented dancers in the United States. I have also performed at different events.”

Esosa Omolola Ogbebor was born 20 years ago to Nigerian parents. Her mom is from Kwara State and her dad from Edo State. She was born in the United States (Washington DC). She moved to Nigeria at the age of four and returned to the U.S at seven.

She attended Oakland Terrace Elementary School (Silver Spring MD), Newport News Middle School (Silver Spring MD) , and graduated from Albert Einstein High School (Kensington MD). Upon graduation from High School in 2017, she joined the United States Army.

She is currently a student at the American Military University and taking prerequisites towards a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.


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