US, Nigeria, 81-Member Global Coalition Meet Over ISIS Threats in West Africa

The United States of America, Federal Republic of Nigeria and 81-member global coalition are set to meet over threats by ISIS on West Africa states.

The meeting, scheduled to hold 10th November, is aimed at reaffirming the coalition’s commitment to counter threats from ISIS and its branches worldwide.

A statement from the office of the United States Department of State made available explained that the meeting will “outline the ISIS’ threat in West Africa and focus on ways the Coalition can strengthen its collective approach in specific areas, such as battlefield evidence and border security.

“The United States and Nigeria look forward to convening a virtual meeting with members of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS on November 10 to affirm the Coalition’s commitment to countering the threat of ISIS and its branches worldwide, including in West Africa, and to supporting ongoing international efforts in the region.”

The statement also reaffirmed the United States, and the 82-member global coalition’s commitment to the fight, stating that it remains “fully committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS and its branches, which is critical to U.S. national security and that of our partners and allies,” the statement reads.


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