Organising Virtual The Headies Awards Difficult- Ayo Animashaun

Ayo Animashaun, the organizer of the prestigious Nigerian music award ceremony, The Headies, has taken to his Instagram account to speak on the stress and excitement of hosting the first-ever virtual Headies Awards.

In his post, Animashaun noted that although it had been a difficult task, it had also been an interesting journey, adding that he could not wait to see the end result of the show.

The 14th edition of The Headies award is scheduled to hold today, but it would be its first virtual award with no live audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic.null

Animashaun said, “Six months ago, we had to live by the saying that the show must go on; it has been very interesting, but I must also say that it had been very difficult, but we enjoyed the experience. Today is the D-Day for The Headies but I will like to share the experience.

“I cannot wait to see how it pans out; this is the first time we are not going to have a live audience. Everybody is going to watch at home on YouTubeFacebookInstagram, Zoom and HipTv.null

“I hope you enjoy the experience because we put in so much and we went through the highest level of COVID-19 compliance and regulation that you can ever think of. We have done COVID-19 test for every single person that you would find in the hall.”

The HipTv boss further gave insight into the award ceremony by explaining that what viewers would watch would be a combination of pre-recorded events as well as live events.

“Artistes will perform and go; we pre-recorded very exciting performances as well, including some red carpet moments. What you are going to see on TV will be a hybrid of what we pre-recorded and live event. We would have a few of the nominees in the house; people would come from their rooms to collect their awards and leave. Some of the presenters will come from their rooms, present the award and leave to continue to watch the show from their rooms or homes.

Animashaun further urged viewers to stay at home and watch the show from the comfort of their homes.

“We all have to be responsible about COVID so that we can kick COVID out. I am looking forward to the show like you guys are and I hope you have a good show,” he said.


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