The Other Side of Chief Sunday Igboho Many people Don’t know

By Temitope Omotayo

I traveled to Ibadan from Lagos a couple of days before then, I called Bunmi who is the Director of Youth Affairs at Yoruba American Community where I presently serve as the President. I knew that Bunmi is an associate of Chief Sunday Adeyemo popularly known as ‘Sunday Igboho’ so I asked if he can facilitate an interview with him, he said he will call me back. He did call me back few minutes later and gave me a number to call.

I called the number and introduced myself, the person at the other end whose name is Yemi asked if we can come in 30 minutes but I could not make that appointment due to prior commitment, we agreed on 10am following day. I did not hear from him again and I already thought the interview will not hold again. He called me later in the morning and asked if I can find my way to Soka in 30 minutes so I quickly got myself together without the crew and we set out. I was accompanied on the trip by my good friend, Wemimo.

Well as a seasoned journalist who has met a lot of people, I was unperturbed contrary to popular belief.

We eventually got to Soka where Yemi met us and led us to Chief Sunday Igboho’s house.

To be continued……….


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