My Experience As a Child Motivated Me Into Becoming a Fashion Designer – Oyebode Esther

Oyebode Adesola Esther, is a graduate of Economics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago- Iwoye and the Creative Director of Dessy Clothing and Business Enterprises.

She talks to us about her background and journey into the Fashion Industry.

Tell us about your background?

My name is Oyebode Adesola Esther, Creative Director of Dessy Clothing and Business Enterprises(Registered).

I attended Goshen Nursery and Primary School, Ketu Lagos, had my Secondary School Education at the Apostolic Church Grammar School, Ketu Lagos. I have a Diploma in Accounting and a Bsc Hons in Economics both from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye Ogun State. I served(NYSC) in Taraba State in the year 2014/2015.

I am a fashion designer, had my IT with Grey Velvet Stores, Lekki. A Creative Alumni of the Assembly Hub ; British Council. I am a trained entrepreneur, not just a fashion designer, as well as the winner of the Youth Entrepreneurship Dialogue Pitching Competition, winner of the Octo5 Biz grant, and winner of the ABN Startup Grind.

Why did you choose fashion designing despite having a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics?

Growing up as a child, my parents were faced with difficulties buying me clothes which I could comfortably walk in because I had rickets. With time I learnt to make my own clothing. After working for a while immediately after my NYSC, I realized a vaccum needed to be filled, I have always had passion for fashion designing but the thought of what people would say” a graduate becoming a tailor ” pulled me back. Then my eyes were not fully opened to know that fashion designing is more than just being a graduate or not.

After battling with the thought for 4 months, I decided to register with a fashion school. 8 months into the training in November 2018, a friend of mine sent me a link by the British Council Nigeria to train /empower creatives. And out of thousands who applied, I was lucky to be among the few selected to work with them. That was where and when my journey as an entrepreneur and a fashion designer started officially and professionally.

What do you love about being a fashion designer?

The part I love about being a fashion designer is the fact that design inspiration is everywhere, your mind never stops creating, and creating something that didn’t previously exist is intoxicating and addictive. I am working on a design for the physically challenged persons which gives access to certain body parts, dresses which are easy to wear and pull off with special features.

So there is always something exciting to look forward to.

What inspires you while creating any design?

Me first. My experience while growing up inspires me and helps with my design thinking. Then traveling, getting to know about other people’s cultures, attending networking events, listening to music etc.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion to me is a way of expressing how I feel, a way of introducing myself without having to say a word and people would be like ” excuse me, are you a fashion designer?

It is also a way of expressing my personality.

What are the skills that are necessary for becoming a successful fashion designer?

Having a unique selling proposition is vital.

As a fashion designer, you must be solving a problem as well as having the ability to pay attention to details.

Be time conscious, prompt delivery. Do not promise when you know you won’t be able to deliver.

Getting feedbacks is necessary to enable you do better and improve in areas where lacking.

Customer relations should be handled with care.

How do you stay updated with the trends in the fashion industry?

I subscribed to some fashion magazines online, I attend and watch fashion shows on tv, I make use of fashion hash tags on social media to know whats trending in the fashion world. I also keep up with fashionable celebrities on social media.

How would you define your personal style?

I would describe my architype as the “LOVER”- Styles which expresses passion, luxury, looking cool, affectionate, and making the woman feel better.

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One thought on “My Experience As a Child Motivated Me Into Becoming a Fashion Designer – Oyebode Esther

  1. Great comments from the graduate turned a fashionista/designer. This is an encouragement to other youths to get engaged in doing something doing because going to school or getting education is only to amplify your thinking synergies and becoming a better societal person touching lives positively.


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