Wazobia Global Network (WGN) was formed to promote unity among minority groups, with an emphasis on Public Relations, Youth Development, and Community Organizing. As they looked for avenues to promote the good things they were doing, it quickly became apparent that positive and inspiring news was missing from mainstream media. Therefore in 2015 WGN established Wazobia Global Times (WGT), a print and online newspaper that promotes the health of the community as a whole and minority businesses.



The goal of WGT is to correct the erroneous impression regarding minorities by showcasing our best to the world. We want to make sure that the people we service have the news that will positively impact their lives, as well as the resources they can trust. Most importantly it is an avenue to promote minority owned businesses and ideas.



Are you a writer looking for exposure for your work? Do you have an inspiring story that you would love to write about? Are you looking for places to preview an excerpt of your upcoming book? Then we have the platform for you.

WGT is a print and online newspaper with readers from 60 countries on 6 continents. We believe in inspiring others to discover their talent and use it to the best of their ability. It is due to that belief that we encourage writers, poets and photographers to submit their work for exposure. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, an amateur, or a professional everyone deserves to have their work seen all over the world. Contact us today.

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